BC Precision Ballistics was incorporated 2021. Our goal was to improve upon the terminal ballistics of the M16/AR15 with a simple barrel/magazine swap while keeping the MIL-SPEC BCG intact and the .378 bolt face unaltered. We felt this was an important aspect to maintaining bolt lug integrity at full strength while operating at 55k PSI nominal pressure and being able to reliably produce 1700+ lbs muzzle energy.  Yes, you read that correctly, we reliably produce 1700+ Lbs of muzzle energy with the 6MM MAX.

In 2019 Winchester released the .350 legend cartridge for the M16/AR15. A basic straight wall cartridge without a parent. BC Precision Ballistics used this case, necked it to 6mm, and maximized it in every way possible taking in to account the dimensions of the M16/AR-15  upper specs and the new .350 legend magazine. This allowed us another 40 thousand’s  (6MM MAXTM COAL 2.300) length over the stock dimensions (COAL 2.260 ) of the M16/AR-15  while still being magazine fed. This is important for a cartridge designer as it allows more room for powder, lowers pressure, and positions the bullet closer to the lands for inherent accuracy over a broader range of bullets.

During design we maximized every aspect to achieve top performance over a wide range of bullet weights.  The 6mm MAX utilizes 55gr to 100 gr bullets for a vast array of shooting disciplines from target  to hunting.  Our cartridge holds 35 grains of water so it has plenty of engine to push the heavies. Like with all cartridges there’s a compromise in design as to what can be done. We limited our load data to 100gr bullets as 105VLD’s and heavier get extremely long and require a case designed for that specific bullet.